Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice is required when booking a tour?

All bookings require a minimum one-month advance notice. If you want to book a last minute trip through Reason Travel, you can contact us. Last minute trips will depend on availability of accommodation and activities, and extra charges will apply as we must work with our partners to book hotels and activities last minute at extra cost to us.

What is included on the tour?

Unless otherwise noted on the tour details page, each trip by Reason Travel will include private guide, airport or hotel pickup, accommodation, transfers, breakfast and activities as listed in the trip itinerary.

What level of physical activity is required for the tours?

Most tours will require a basic level of walking and mobility. For tours marked with the label “trekking” or “hiking”, you can expect a moderate level of walking (maximum three to five miles). Swimming, snorkeling and diving are optional activities that can be undertaken at the customer’s discretion.

Can Reason Travel book airfare for me?

We can recommend the best flight connections and trip routes for you, but Reason Travel cannot complete your purchase for airfare at this time.

Do I need a visa?

For U.S. passport holders, visa on arrival is available for Thailand, Malaysia and Dominican Republic. Vietnam has recently started offering an e-visa, which you should apply for at least one month before your flight date. Customers should check all current visa requirements for planned travel countries at the US State Department website (

Do you offer refunds?

Reason Travel cannot offer refunds, except in rare cases and at our sole discretion. Customers are advised to purchase trip and travel insurance in the case that you are not able to start your itinerary on time.

What happens in the event of extreme weather, natural disaster or geopolitical instability?

In the case that your Reason Travel itinerary is canceled, delayed or unable to start due to extreme weather, storms, natural disasters, Acts of God, terrorism, war, strikes, geopolitical instability / turmoil or other events beyond our control or the control of our tour operators (“force majeure”), Reason Travel will not be held liable for any damages or losses to the customer. All participants in Reason Travel organized tours are required to purchase relevant trip and travel insurance in the case of unexpected losses.

Can I customize or extend a tour?

All our tours are private and can be customized to your liking. If you want to customize or extend one of our trip itineraries, please contact us to discuss the customizations and added costs. When contacting us, please include the title / web page of the trip you want to customize.

Should I get travel insurance?

All participants in Reason Travel organized tours are required to purchase travel and trip insurance in the event that you are unable to start your itinerary on time or in the event that your trip is canceled or delayed due to extenuating circumstances (“force majeure”).

Do you recommend travel health insurance?

All participants in Reason Travel organized tours are required to have travel health insurance, and all independent travelers should also purchase travel health insurance. Your home health insurance will not cover you while overseas. Any health problems, sickness or accidents that happen overseas can incur significant costs that your home-country health insurance or medical plan will not cover. International health insurance is generally very affordable and can help you pay for unexpected hospital and doctor fees while overseas.